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Professor Zhang and Her Gua Sha Therapy

In 1989 Prof. Dong Jianhua and Prof. Jiang Liangduo, leading specialists in Chinese medicine, introduced their experience in using scraping therapy to treat febrile diseases at an international medical conference for the first time. In 1991 Prof. Lii Jiru from Taiwan, came to the mainland of China to teach meridian scraping therapy guided by the meridian theory of Chinese medicine. This method is effective for various diseases and opens a new path for prevention and treatment of diseases by means of natural therapy.In order to develop this therapy, Professor Zhang has studied the therapeutic mechanism and clinical action of scraping therapy by means of com­bining the theories of both Chinese and Western medicine. The studies have received support from Prof. Hao Wanshan, a leading specialist at the Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He pointed out: “Scraping therapy is an acupuncture skill without penetration of the skin, a bloodletting therapy without bleeding and a massage without direct hand manipulation. ” According to the me­ridian theory of Chinese medicine, microcirculatory theories of Western medicine and bioholographic theory, Professor Zhang systematically stud­ied and summarized the “meridian scraping therapy” and proposed the “holographic scraping therapy.”Through practice, Professor Zhang summed up various manipulations suitable for “holographic meridian scraping therapy,” using specific scraping plates (buffalo horn, jade prod­ucts) in combination with scraping oil to scrape the affected parts of the body surface and the holographic areas (points) for treatment and prevention of diseases. This makes scraping therapy simpler and more effective, and it is called the “third generation of scraping therapy” by specialists at the China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine.In addition to increasing curative effect, the new scraping ther­apy also helps the prevention and diagnosing of diseases, because it can discover the latent pathological changes in the human body. Di­agnosing diseases by holographic meridian scraping therapy is simple and direct, and does not need any modern examination equipment. By using this method diagnosing and treatment can be carried out at the same time.In October 1996 and November 1997, as a medical specialist from the army, Professor Zhang attended the 31st International Military Medicine Conference held in Beijing and the academic conference in celebra­tion of the tenth anniversary of the World Federation of Acupuncture and Moxibustion Societies, and treated training injuries on the spot with this therapy, with satisfactory results. The scientific na­ture of holographic meridian scraping therapy has been acknowl­edged by medical specialists from different countries.In order to promote her natural therapy guasha technique and make a contribution to health care,Absorbing the es­sence of the traditional scraping used in folk medicine and meridian scraping, She issued a  book Names  “Holographic Meridian Scraping Therapy”, Combining the meridian theory of Chinese medi­cine, the basic theories of Western medicine and the bioholographic theory in her book, as well as the author’s clinical experience and study find­ings.